Technology to set you free

Concerned about inflation? Whether you’re an individual or multinational company, contact Duncan to find out how you can gain financial sovereignty. No question too small. Dunconomics is an IT support and consultancy service specialising in cryptocurrency. 

Cryptocurrency basics

This three-part video series is for crypto newbies.

This introductory video will explain the overarching value Bitcoin and crypto bring to the world.
This video goes into more depth of Bitcoin history and how business adoption bootstrapped its parabolic price.
This practical video is a little less exciting. It will take beginners through sending and receiving a basic BitcoinCash transaction and selling it for dollars.

Our people

Dunconomics IT services are provided by a small team of one… so far.

Duncan White – Customer focused with high-level technical knowledge, backed with Microsoft server administrator and CompTIA Security+ certification. Fifteen years of IT experience and a proven track record in problem solving complex network issues. Has gained a wide understanding of industries including banking, manufacturing, education and small business. Looking to assist businesses and communities find financial security in cryptocurrencies.