Has Duncan got what is takes? See the proof in the following projects.

A customer had multiple sites on a single network. To increase traffic efficiency and reliability, each site was divided into separate networks, each containing VLANs. This allowed administrators to isolate server traffic and use IPS filtering as required. Fortigates and Fortinet hardware was used to provide site-to-site VPNs, a remote access VPN, web filtering, TLS-inspection, a DMZ for hosting, OSPF dynamic routing and Wi-Fi with certificate authentication.

A mental health charity was struggling to organise files and security with no centralised identity management. With Microsoft’s Active Directory beyond their budget, free and open-source Samba interoperability suite and an Ubuntu file server, virtualised with Hyper-V was installed. A customised PowerShell script invoked VM backups to external drives.

Security is not an absolute. Unfortunately, many websites stay unpatched and are vulnerable to attack. Duncan is experienced in hardening TLS including the banking sector.